Token Qualifiers – How to Win and Make it to the TOP

Steps Logic – Building a Foundation

Attempting to finish in the money in a Steps Structure Poker Series that is more than a handful of levels is tough if you play just once and bank on winning every round to make it to the next level. A strategy for improving your results in a Steps series is to start with a solid foundation.To give yourself a good shot at taking home the championship, you can start banking steps tickets to act as the building blocks on your way to the top.

Start with the Base

Egyptian pyramids have stood the test of time. They’re a helpful metaphor when thinking about how to climb the Token steps without risking too much at any level. By building up multiple wins at each level, you can protect yourself against setbacks if the cards run against you as you play higher levels and build yourself a better shot at the $1,000 Winners Championship.

Freeroll Building Blocks

Since the buy-in is free, you can keep on playing as often as you like to build up your cache Step 2 invites.  Use these wins to parlay a stockpile of Step 3 and then Step 4 invites.  That way, if you take a bad beat at step 5 then 3, you aren’t forced to start over again from the bottom.

Your foundation after day 1 could look something like this: 

Step 4 Invites:       [] []
Step 3 Invites:    [] [] [] []  
Step 2 invites: [] [] [] [] [] []

If you continue with this strategy as we move towards the final table,
Your foundation after day 2 might look something like this:
Step 5 Invites:         [] []
Step 4 Invites:       [] [] []
Step 3 Invites:    [] [] [] [] []
Step 2 invites: [] [] [] [] [] [] []

And your foundation after day 3 could look something like this:
Step 6 Invites:             []
Step 5 Invites:          [] [] []
Step 4 Invites:       [] [] [] [] []
Step 3 Invites:    [] [] [] [] [] [] []
Step 2 invites: [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] []

At the end of day 3, you may feel lucky and want to try playing the Step 6 ticket you just won.  Or if you want to follow my strategy, continue playing and winning Steps 2 through 5 invites to build up your base to take on Step 6 Base before continuing on.

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