First Regulated Online Poker Room in the US – Not Meeting Player Expectations.

First is not always best, and UltimatePoker is quickly learning that lesson.

One of the most respected blog sites for poker players is 2+2, and it’s has over 200 pages of posts form unhappy players about the launch of the first poker room in the US. As soon as Ultimate Poker launched it’s poker room, everyone recognized it as old software from CyberArts and that bad decision was just the beginning.

Their second bad decision was the name, being named after the notorious UltimateBet involved in one of the largest poker cheating scandals to date was not a good decision. The tie with the old UB did not stop there. They also went on to use the iovation company for tracking fraud, while that company was started by an old UB owner who created the notorious God mode to cheat millions of dollars form UB players.

UP claims to have plans to improve the poker room and player experience in time, but for now, players in Nevada will have to wait until their 30 day trial period is over before making any improvements. That 30 day is approaching and will be under the watchful eye of the Nevada Gaming Control Board.

Ultimate Poker hit their goal of being to be first to market in the US, but did they pay the Ultimate price?

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