Bet, Raise or Fold? Watch the movie to find out.

The beginning, journey and end of an online poker revolution. “Bet Raise Fold” movie debuts to the poker public on June 30th. The cast includes some of the best names in the game.

About 7 years ago, high stakes poker player Jay Rosenkrants wanted to tell the story of the poker player’s journey, lifestyle and fate in the online poker world. From the beginning of the boom with Chris Moneymaker to most recently, Black Friday, this move tells it all.

Directed by Ryan Firpo, this movie is only available online for about $10 bucks, $12 with special features. The movie began as a story to highlight the high roller lives and ups and downs that come with playing online poker for a living. This all changed in 2011 when FullTilt, Poker Stars, Ultimate Bet, Absolute Poker and many other sites were forced out of the US as the US government started taking out their legs. They started with cutting out their processing ability and eventually went after the Men who’s names were on the bank accounts.

Jay and Ryan scowered the world trying to find the best characters, initially winning pros form the US and other countries. This all changed as Black Friday hit, then they turned their focus more to those affected by the tragic event and how they are coping. They attended the 2011 WSOP and were lucky enough to get interviews from about 30 other pros living around the world who also were hit by this event. Black friday froze hundreds of millions of dollars from not just US accounts, but also players from every other country, for months on end until the trial had come to an end.

Strangely enough, PokerStars came to be the hero in the end, taking on the debt and buying the old full tilt poker software paying back all the players who had money frozen online, in time. Now online poker in the US is slowly being re-built in good ol’ Las Vegas, Nevada. Who knows, maybe US online poker will be the next big thing, again.

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