Another Poker Room Closes thier Doors in Costa Rica

A new forum post started last week on 2+2 about a notorious online casino and e-wallet owner chuck Kidd titled “Chuck Kidd (Poker Players Network and PIC Club) is a scammer and a thief”

You may not know Chuck, but if you were a US poker player before and just after black Friday, you have heard or may have even used one of his deposit methods to play poker online. He was behind the US deposit options and e-wallets called PicClub, PayLinq, MyPayLinq many others. He was also known for pulling his poker players off the well known Cake poker network and starting his own poker room called the Poker Players Network. Mr.Kidd also dabbled in casino and US legal poker as well as seen on

Just a few weeks back, right around the launch of the new room, all of Chuck Kidd’s poker, casino and membership poker room domains went into a mysterious “under construction” and have yet to re-open. Unfortunately, for any US poker players who played on his sites or used his e-wallets, their money has disappeared into one of Chuck’s many offshore bank accounts (one would assume) and will likely will never be seen again.

Will we see more of chuck’s shenanigans in the near future or does this mark the end of another offshore poker company’s attempt to skate around the US government?

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