$25,000 Poker Summit – The Biggest Prize in “Free to Play” Poker in the US

Starting on August 20th, 2013, players on the Zen Poker Network will have an opportunity to play free steps to a final Step 12 prize of $25,000 in Cash. The 6 lucky players who make it to the top of the Poker summit will all be guaranteed $1,000, with a shot at the $10,000 top prize!

Step 1 is always free to play, and for steps 2 and 3, invites must be won for these steps to be played. As players make their way through the 6 seat SNG tables, they start to win points and tokens which can be used to win even more cash and prizes. Once players make it past step 9, then they get into the serious cash.

Step 10 is the first multi-table tournament of the steps structure and plays weekly starting in August. This tournament is open to as many players can make it through the first 9 steps and any additional promo tournaments players can gain access to via promo codes posted on facebook, twitter and sent to their player email.

Once players finish in the top 2 of Step 10, they are off to play in the bi-weekly Step 11. A scheduled 6 player tournament that will surely bring the best competitors that the ZEN Poker Network has to offer. If you are lucky enough to beat the other 5 players in this event, you are guaranteed $1,000 for making it to Step 12. Finish 1st in the $25,000 Quarterly Summit and take home $10,000 and bragging rights as the best player at ZEN on November 9th, 2013!

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