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The WSOP has its November 9!!

After sweating it out in sunny Las Vegas, the final 9 players at this year's WSOP Main Event are all guaranteed $733,224! The 44th annual Main Event had a total of 6,352 players from 83 countries. The final 9 players are:   Sylvain Loosli - 19,600,000 chips Michiel Brummelhius - 11,275,000 Mark Newhouse - 7,350,000 Ryan Riess - 28,875,000 Amir Lehavot - 29,525,000 JC Tran - 38,000,000 David Benefield - 6,375,000 Jay Farber - 25,975,000   These 9 players will be competing for over $8 million.
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How to win a Multi-Table Tournament (MTT)

Prize Pools in a Multi-table Tournament Before looking at strategies to use while playing multi-table tournaments, let’s look at the prize pool structure – this should be the influencing force on your multi-table play since you would be looking to maximize your earnings as time goes by. Players who reach the final table will share half of the prize money among themselves. At the final table, the players in the top few places will receive a much.
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Bet, Raise or Fold? Watch the movie to find out.

The beginning, journey and end of an online poker revolution. "Bet Raise Fold" movie debuts to the poker public on June 30th. The cast includes some of the best names in the game. About 7 years ago, high stakes poker player Jay Rosenkrants wanted to tell the story of the poker player's journey, lifestyle and fate in the online poker world. From the beginning of the boom with Chris Moneymaker to most recently, Black Friday, this.
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